Health Foods & Snacks

For those with dietary restrictions, finding healthy food choices can be hard – especially if you’re looking for something that tastes great. That’s why we carry a diverse selection of local and national health foods and snacks for your eating style.

D’Lites Shoppe is proud to carry products from the following local companies:

P and J Nuts R us

P and J Nuts R Us is a small, Veteran-owned business which began in local Farmer’s Markets in Southwest Florida, from the Sarasota Farmer’s Market to Marco Island.

Red Joe Tea

Red Joe provides hydration the way nature intended, through plant minerals and healthy electrolytes.

Sereniteas & Soothers

Bring the gifts of Mother Nature’s abundance into your home with Sereniteas tasty selection of fresh, organic herbal teas and all natural soap.

Nutritious You

Nutritious You Founder, Marina Sommers, developed a passion for clean eating when her daughter developed an acute condition that made it difficult for her to eat certain foods. After just two weeks of clean eating, her daughter was cured and Nutritious You was born.

Power Ballz

Power ballz was created by entrepreneur, Lori Lockhart, in Sarasota, Florida. Lori’s background and education in exercise and nutrition sparked her to offer an alternative snack for kids, adults, and athletes on the go! It’s delicious AND nutritious and most important no preservatives, fillers. All Natural! Healthy never tasted so good.

Above the Grain

Above the Grain is a Sarasota-based company that provides paleo meal delivery and healthy, paleo snack bars to our community.

Sarasota Honey Co.

Sarasota Honey Co. provides honey and bee services to our community. They are committed to supporting those in our community with disabilities. Sarasota Honey Co. strives to only use pollinated bees that are not subjected to pesticides.

Java Dawg

One of Sarasota’s favorites for craft roasted coffee, Java Dawg is known for exceptional taste and their unique brand. A beloved Sarasota staple.

Kozma Artisan Granola

Kozma Artisan Granola strives to uncover unique flavor combinations with all-natural ingredients in an effort to bring joy to all granola-lovers in a healthy, delicious way.

Island Breeze Soups

This Largo, Florida company is proud to offer delicious gluten free, soy free and dairy free soups.

Purely Paleo

Purely Paleo bars are a great way to share your true passion with others. They are packed with nuts and seeds and held together with raw, organic honey. The Paleolithic Diet, or the Caveman Diet, brings us back to what nature gave us—unrefined, unprocessed food that our bodies were made to absorb and break down. So share your passion with others—love what you share and share what you love.

Whether you’re on a specific diet (Weight Watchers, Paleo, Bulletproof, Atkins, Whole 30, you name it) or juggling other dietary restrictions (allergies, diabetes, gluten, vegetarian), D’Lites Shoppe has what you’re looking for.

D’Lites Shoppe carries many hard to find brands for your alternative eating style. Including, but not limited to products from these great companies:

LUV Chocolate bars | Paleo Treats | Steve’s Paleo Goods (Paleo chef sauces, paleo krunch, and more) | Julian Bakery (paleo bread, pizza crust, pancake/waffle mix, paleo protein) | Nikki’s Coconut Butter | Bulletproof Products | Chloe’s Pops | Blue Mountain Organics (trail mix, cookies, brownies, wraps, sprouted nut butters) | Simple Mills (gluten-free baking mixes) | Pure Indian Foods (flavored ghee) | Simply Protein bars and chips | Protein Plus Peanut Flour | Thin Slim Foods

Special Request?

Are you tired of paying shipping for your favorite specialty food? Drop us a line and we will do our best to get what you need right here at your local D’Lites Shoppe.

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What Our Customers are Saying

“D’Lites is like nothing else in town. If you don’t try it, you’re missing out!”

“I went to D’Lites the day they opened, hoping to find a delicious and healthy alternative to unhealthy treats. What I found was so much more than I expected. Not only their incredible ice cream, but so many other healthy, delicious foods. My favorites include their chocolate brownie bomb, which is off the charts, and the bulletproof coffee, which is how I start my mornings every day now. D’Lites is a true experience, a one-stop shop for so many delightful, healthy desserts and other foods.” Nick Drizos

Katrina Costedio had the inside track on D’Lites Shoppe since she is the graphic designer for the business. As someone who has followed the paleo diet for about five years, one of the things she is most excited about is that Kirsten carries products usually only available online.

“My favorite thing that I get there a lot is the Coconut Flakes paleo cereal. [Kirsten] actually texted me the other day because she was almost out. She said, ‘You might want to come in and get it,’ so I went in and bought the last of what she had,” Katrina says.

Katrina’s nine-year-old son, Dylan, and her fiancé, Manny Alves, a jujitsu instructor, also love D’Lites, but they go for the soft-serve ice cream. Like most kids, her son wants to eat lots of ice cream, so Katrina is glad that he really likes the low-sugar D’Lites ice cream and doesn’t mind indulging him once in a while when he asks for seconds.

When that craving for deliciously sweet treats comes on, head over to D’Lites Shoppe. But be sure to leave the guilt at home, because you won’t need it. Katrina Costedio

Dr. Michele Louiselle and Dr. Ray Bisesi, both from The Center of Integrated Medicine, are friends with Kirsten and Zak, so when D’Lites opened in May, they knew they had to pay it a visit. Dr. Michele loved the concept and realized many of her patients with various dietary restrictions, or who are looking to cut down or avoid sugar, could benefit, especially from the LUV Nice Cream.

“I refer lots of my patients to them who have dairy sensitivities and things of that nature, and who don’t need to be consuming grain products, because I know Kirsten carries a lot of paleo,” Dr. Michele says. “I take a lot of people off of sugar, so if there’s somebody who’s having a hard time because they’re missing having their desserts, then that’s an alternative that can kind of satisfy that sweet tooth and not get all the bad stuff that goes along with it.” Dr. Michele Louiselle and Dr. Ray Bisesi

“I can satisfy my kids’ sweet tooth without having to worry!”

“I love D’Lites! As a parent, everywhere we go, my kids are bombarded with junk and sweets. I’m always having to say ‘no’ to limit their intake. Going to D’Lites, it’s nice to be able to say ‘yes,’ knowing that the treats they get are healthier, not full of sugar or artificial sweeteners. I like that I can take my kids out for ice cream and not feel bad about it. I can satisfy their sweet tooth, put a smile on their faces and never have to worry.” Tara Motzenbecker