Coffee & Tea

Need Coffee? D’Lites Shoppe has you covered. Now offering Espresso drinks!

D’Lites Shoppe is Lakewood Ranch’s premiere stop for local, organic, and even bulletproof coffee. We proudly serve fresh Simply Coffee Cold Brew. It’s local, organic, and direct trade! Grab a cup to go while the kids get their own treats, or settle in to study in our friendly environment.

We now offer an array of artisanal espresso drinks that include cappuccinos, lattes, americanos, affogatos and many more! With your choice of milk – we can make the espresso drink just how you like it.



D’Lites Shoppe supports The Local Tea Company. We offer bags to take home as well as indivual servings to have right here at the Shoppe. You can choose from Sarasota Breakfast which is a spin on English Breakfast, Red Berry which is an array of different types of berries that are rich in vitamin c, and lastly Strawberry Smile, this organic green tea is a blend of papaya and strawberries. All of our teas are perfect hot or iced. 

What Our Customers are Saying

“I can satisfy my kids’ sweet tooth without having to worry!”

“I love D’Lites! As a parent, everywhere we go, my kids are bombarded with junk and sweets. I’m always having to say ‘no’ to limit their intake. Going to D’Lites, it’s nice to be able to say ‘yes,’ knowing that the treats they get are healthier, not full of sugar or artificial sweeteners. I like that I can take my kids out for ice cream and not feel bad about it. I can satisfy their sweet tooth, put a smile on their faces and never have to worry.”

Tara Motzenbecker

“D’Lites is like nothing else in town. If you don’t try it, you’re missing out!”

“I went to D’Lites the day they opened, hoping to find a delicious and healthy alternative to unhealthy treats. What I found was so much more than I expected. Not only their incredible ice cream, but so many other healthy, delicious foods. My favorites include their chocolate brownie bomb, which is off the charts, and the bulletproof coffee, which is how I start my mornings every day now. D’Lites is a true experience, a one-stop shop for so many delightful, healthy desserts and other foods.”

Nick Drizos

“The Perfect Family Treat!”

“My husband can’t eat gluten or dairy, but has a sweet tooth. So it’s the perfect place for us. We go every Friday for a special weekly treat. Our two little kids love it!”

Chrystie Ramsey, Greenbrook in Lakewood Ranch

Dr. Michele Louiselle and Dr. Ray Bisesi, both from The Center of Integrated Medicine, are friends with Kirsten and Zak, so when D’Lites opened in May, they knew they had to pay it a visit. Dr. Michele loved the concept and realized many of her patients with various dietary restrictions, or who are looking to cut down or avoid sugar, could benefit, especially from the LUV Nice Cream.

“I refer lots of my patients to them who have dairy sensitivities and things of that nature, and who don’t need to be consuming grain products, because I know Kirsten carries a lot of paleo,” Dr. Michele says. “I take a lot of people off of sugar, so if there’s somebody who’s having a hard time because they’re missing having their desserts, then that’s an alternative that can kind of satisfy that sweet tooth and not get all the bad stuff that goes along with it.”

Dr. Michele Louiselle and Dr. Ray Bisesi