LUV Vegan Nice Cream

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LUV Vegan Nice Cream

LUV Ice Cream was born with the goal to provide simple frozen gastronomic joys to those of us who are vegan, lactose intolerant or have immune issues with milk proteins or who’ve just decided to remove dairy products from their diet. For them we offer our Nice Cream non-dairy line of frozen desserts. Nice Cream is based on coconut milk and coconut cream and contains no casein or added sugar. That is a claim LUV makes boldly and proudly as many other ice cream manufacturers use products stabilized by sodium caseinate. LUV is a keto friendly all-natural ice cream without the sugar. LUV nice cream is sweetened with Sweet LUV ™,  LUV’s own all-natural blend of plant-based sweeteners that they’ve perfected after months and months of failed, though sweet experimentation. The sweetest anchor is organic Stevia.  They do not use anything artificial.

We make LUV nice cream at our shoppe!

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Coconut Chai Pistachio

What Our Customers are Saying

Katrina Costedio had the inside track on D’Lites Shoppe since she is the graphic designer for the business. As someone who has followed the paleo diet for about five years, one of the things she is most excited about is that Kirsten carries products usually only available online.

“My favorite thing that I get there a lot is the Coconut Flakes paleo cereal. [Kirsten] actually texted me the other day because she was almost out. She said, ‘You might want to come in and get it,’ so I went in and bought the last of what she had,” Katrina says.

Katrina’s nine-year-old son, Dylan, and her fiancé, Manny Alves, a jujitsu instructor, also love D’Lites, but they go for the soft-serve ice cream. Like most kids, her son wants to eat lots of ice cream, so Katrina is glad that he really likes the low-sugar D’Lites ice cream and doesn’t mind indulging him once in a while when he asks for seconds.

When that craving for deliciously sweet treats comes on, head over to D’Lites Shoppe. But be sure to leave the guilt at home, because you won’t need it.

Katrina Costedio

“I can satisfy my kids’ sweet tooth without having to worry!”

“I love D’Lites! As a parent, everywhere we go, my kids are bombarded with junk and sweets. I’m always having to say ‘no’ to limit their intake. Going to D’Lites, it’s nice to be able to say ‘yes,’ knowing that the treats they get are healthier, not full of sugar or artificial sweeteners. I like that I can take my kids out for ice cream and not feel bad about it. I can satisfy their sweet tooth, put a smile on their faces and never have to worry.”

Tara Motzenbecker

Denise Drizos knew about D’Lites before it even opened since Kirsten and Zak are her neighbors. She and her eight-year-old son, Nicholas, and six-year-old daughter, Caitlyn, started visiting the shop from the very beginning and have no desire to stop. Even though the ice cream is low in sugar, her kids love it and most times choose it when asked where they want to go for a treat.

“It’s sweet and creamy and fulfills all of what you want in a soft-serve ice cream cone, without all the sugar,” Denise says.

In addition to their frequent ice cream stops, they also visit the cold case for some paleo brownie cups.

“They are to die for! I’m totally addicted to them. Every time I go in I’m like, ‘I got to get another cup,’” Denise says. “Kirsten says you can have them frozen, but honestly they haven’t been around my house long enough for me to try. I always say, ‘I’m going to try it this time,” but then, ‘No, I’m not!’”

Denise Drizos

“The Perfect Family Treat!”

“My husband can’t eat gluten or dairy, but has a sweet tooth. So it’s the perfect place for us. We go every Friday for a special weekly treat. Our two little kids love it!”

Chrystie Ramsey, Greenbrook in Lakewood Ranch